English for Specific Purposes

ESP is a learner-centred approach to teaching English as an additional language, which focuses on developing communicative competences in a specific discipline or industry such as IT, law, finance, medicine, dentistry, tourism, specific businesses, teaching, technology and engineering.  ESP programs differ from general English language courses and contain the following characteristics:

      • Designed to meet the specific needs of the learners.
      • Priority focus on the communicative¬†
      • aspects of the language.
      • Related in content (themes and topics) to particular disciplines or occupations.
      • Use authentic work-specific documents and materials.
      • Promote cultural awareness and seeks to improve intercultural competency.
      • Deliver intermediate and advanced level language training.

ESP course may be designed and delivered on company premises, online or in a mixed format combining the both.  For more detailed information and questions, please contact:

MarkAnthony Chesner