English for IT

With an ever-expanding IT industry and the focus of both social and business growth through internet communications, the need for international communication skills has become a fundamental element in the competitiveness of IT related services and business.

Dynamic English has successfully designed and delivered both online and in-class courses focused on the specific communication needs of the IT industry. These courses have ranged from elementary to advanced and have focused on differing specific needs of learners, such as Marketing Managers, Team Leads, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance, Frontend and Backend Programmers.

The syllabus is a roadmap of any course. It is considered a type of guideline for the continued monitoring and assessment of course progress. The objectives laid down in this teaching/learning instrument are clearly identified at the beginning of the course, yet remain negotiable throughout the course to facilitate any adjustments required in negotiating the training gap. Plainly stating, the difference between the overall course progress and the scheduled objectives as laid out in the course syllabus.

Specific communication skills for development may include:

    • Participating in business meetings
    • Giving presentations
    • Negotiating services and deadlines
    • Marketing new products and services
    • Telephoning/video conferencing
    • Email and messaging

These skillsets represent some of the primary communication needs in business today and would be further broken down into more manageable and quantifiable course milestones. In utilising specific industry terminology and content adds the bespoke quality to courses which are tailor-made for the group and its individual participants.