Welcome to the Dynamic English website. This site provides more detailed information about the possible courses to be designed and delivered by the Dynamic English Team.

The Dynamic English website supports the:
Dynamic English Online Learning Platform.

English for Specific Purposes

ESP is a learner-centred approach to teaching English as an additional language, which focuses on developing communicative competences in a specific discipline or industry such as IT, law, finance, medicine, dentistry, tourism, specific businesses, teaching, technology and engineering.  Continue reading “English for Specific Purposes”

English for IT

With an ever-expanding IT industry and the focus of both social and business growth through internet communications, the need for international communication skills has become a fundamental element in the competitiveness of IT related services and business. Continue reading “English for IT”

English for Dentistry


These are specially designed courses created, together with ANDI the Italian National Association of Dentists, to respond to the direct and immediate needs of dentists who interact with foreign patients and individuals.

Continue reading “English for Dentistry”

Online Video Training

Live online courses provide learners with the availability to participate within a broad range of situations; from the workplace, from home, while travelling abroad. Continue reading “Online Video Training”